• Nino Volante

    Managing Director - SMQ - Industrial Engineer

    This polyvalent Industrial Engineer (Mechanical, Construction, Civil, Planning ...) has a wealth of experience, contacts and specialized training courses to his credit.

    Purchaser, project manager, techno-commercial commissioner, consultant, program manager for different companies in various fields, Nino Volante has masterfully steered NGL through a changing world since 1994. His technical competence enables him to approach the precision maching, the manufacture of performance springs or fine industrial sheet metal with equal mastery and ease.

    His analytical spirit, his curiosity for new technologies and his sense of reflection resolutely oriented toward solving things, makes him a sought after negotiating partner both for suppliers and clients.

  • Giuseppe Carapezza

    Business Manager

    This man, with over 20 years experience in the mechanical sector, has a strong ability to adapt. Methodical and conscious of time, it puts its flexibility in varied and variable service projects.
    His professional achievements and his knowledge of mechanical field make him a The business manager for NGL.
    It is important to him that the customer receives the pieces to time in the requested quality. Customer satisfaction is a priority.
    It always challenges and continually looking to improve.

  • Daniel Devillet

    Consultant Quality Manager

    Industrial engineer in electromechanical, option automatism, long experience in fields as numerous as varied namely the industry, the injection and the extrusion of aluminum and plastic, the laser cutting, the automatic distribution, the industry of the glass and battery for the automobile, lifting technology and systems, automated systems, ... In different industries, he acquired the notions of quality management, especially in the automotive industry (ISO standards).
    Occupying various technical functions in the production units, technical sales manager, project manager in engineering departments, designer and designer of industrial automation systems, PLC programmer, production manager, maintenance manager.
    Her analytical mind, imagination, adaptability, insight and autonomy allow her to offer a wide range of skills to meet her needs.

  • Catherine Weber


    Strong experience in various fields such as social, construction and mechanical industry, she was able to develop her versatility in the job.
    Discreet but very open, she likes to serve others, be they colleagues, customers or suppliers. It is the first phone contact, and she is happy to meet various demands.

  • Frederic Schiepers

    Driver / Storekeeper

    With his great experience in driving and the precision of his work, he is dynamic, autonomous, motivated, flexible, punctual.
    He is responsible for maintaining the warehouse with the management of goods entrances and exits.
    Its qualities allow with its sociable side to be one of the first contacts with NGL's partners.

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