With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of metal construction, Nino Volante is at the hub of four companies, all of which are involved in activities ranging from the manufacture of specific pieces to the production of a single product, from consultancy to reflective analysis on the ideal solution for each one of their clients.


Specialists in precision mechanics, Ateliers Wyngla design and manufacture components of all sizes.


Symbol of robust reliability and quality for customers all over the world, Carlens Heaters builds, innovates and develops pre-heating systems for thermal motors

URL : www.carlens-heaters.com


Active Consulting is engaged in IT consultancy, as well as advising companies in financial and administrative management.

NGL sprl

This research and design studio, process integrator, quality and logistics coordinator; NGL is the essential link between your needs and the best partners the market has to offer.